Well-Earned Kudos for New Balance

We’re very excited for our client, New Balance, named last night the 2011 MITX Digital Marketer of the Year. It’s a hard-earned award for a crack team that places a lot of ‘small bets’ on emerging technologies, and understands the value of making things that people want, rather than simply making people want things (hat tip to John Willshire on that line).

We’re flattered, as well, to have been honored for the Good Form Running experience we developed in collaboration with the New Balance Digital Marketing and Running teams. If you’re so-inclined, you can read about the development of that project in this post.


3 Responses to “Well-Earned Kudos for New Balance”

  1. joebertino

    Hey ianfitzpatrick congrats! I’m gonna steal Willshire’s line for sure.

  2. ianfitzpatrick

    Please do, @joebertino , he’s a smart fellow (and right, too)

  3. LauLau81

    I am so happy for your client for achieving such a great reward.. He deserves it!

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