Rap Has Curren$y for Clients

Everyone knows the Swagger Wagon and Kia’s hip-hop hamsters, getting down to the funky sounds of Black Sheep. Ever since hip-hop became a commercially viable world culture, synonymous with a young audience and that ever-elusive commodity of “cool,” advertisers and … Continued

weekEND: July 8-12

The Fourth was fun and festive, but Monday was like that Soul II Soul jam—we were back to reality. With all the projects going on, the summer has been a whirlwind. This week was no exception. Apps were fine-tuned, new … Continued

weekEND: July 4th edition

Happy birthday, America! It’s an abbreviated week, so we’ll do an abbreviated version of the weekEND. Let’s get right to the good stuff.   Terrific piece on Rick Rubin, genius producer extraordinaire and the man behind “Yeezus,” among other notable … Continued

An Uplifting Tale of Copywriting

My work takes me to a lot of interesting places. Not physically— most of my travel occurs in a small triangular pattern between my desk, the kitchen and the bathroom. But as a copywriter, I’m constantly given opportunities to explore … Continued

Tapping Into Empathy

At this year’s Planning-ness conference, I was fortunate to attend the presentation “How to Design for Children,” in which we were asked to take 10 minutes and draw a map of the place we would play as a child. What … Continued

weekEND: May 28-31

For a shortened week, the team wasted no time getting back to it. Everyone was firing on all cylinders. Projects were juggled, concepts were blown out—this was a week for getting stuff done.   It was also time for celebratory … Continued

Get To Know: Ned Elmore, VP Client Engagement

Ned’s a fresh face around the Almighty offices, having just started here a few weeks ago. He was kind enough to indulge us with thoughtful answers to hard-hitting questions about first impressions, agency culture and things on the Internet.  How … Continued

weekEND: May 20-24

HTTP://WWW.CANEXBACK.COM p>Pretty typical week here at Almighty.  Words were written, designs were designed, and we kicked off what felt like 18,000 projects—testing the limits of the idea that it’s better to be busy than bored. Needless to say, everyone’s excited … Continued