Senior Experience Designer

We are seeking a Senior Experience Designer to join our Experience Strategy team.

At Almighty, Experience Strategy team members cover practice areas like user research, UX strategy, information architecture, interaction design, and service design. We’re hoping to find a versatile generalist who understands balancing business needs with user needs.

We seek someone who can quickly plug in to a client’s business and assimilate information in any vertical. Someone who will ask carefully considered questions to make sure we are solving the right problem.  Someone who recognizes when we are missing answers about real user needs and can recommend an investigative path to uncover them.

On any given day, we might be working on customer journeys, ecosystem maps, site audits, user flows, wireframes, motion prototypes, or hanging out in a store observing shoppers. We might be white boarding or doing elaborate things with sticky notes and string.

You are a curious and insightful designer who can own the outputs in a large project but isn’t too good for the occasional small assignment. Someone with substantial client-facing mileage logged. Someone comfortable explaining design decisions. You’re confident in your skills, but you also know you’re never done learning.  You don’t mind sharing your knowledge with junior team members, and you think asking for help is a sign of awareness, not weakness.

You are familiar with software like Adobe Creative Suite and Omnigraffle Pro. Knowledge of various prototyping methods is a bonus. You’re a solid maker of design artifacts, but you have some experience with usability testing, quantitative and qualitative user research, and an interest in learning more about UX strategy.

You probably have Strong Opinions on deck design and know your own Myers-Briggs type. At some point in your career, you may have said “I should have just been a therapist.”

A Senior Experience Designer reports to the Director of Experience Strategy. You’ll work with a growing roster of great brands like New Balance, L.L.Bean, and DavidsTea.

Almighty offers a competitive salary and benefits package in an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration and happiness. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.


  • You must include a link to a portfolio site or PDF in order to be considered.
  • At least 4-5 years of professional experience in your field (background in agency or consulting is a plus)
  • At least a 4-year degree (maybe in journalism, art, graphic design, computer science, HCI, or anything else that makes you the astute person you are today)

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