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Read Shane Parrish on the origins of so-called ‘chauffeur knowledge’ (6min) — the label for knowledge acquired not through doing but through hearing. It finds its origins in the lectures of renowned physicist Max Planck, and as described by equally-renowned physicist Richard Feynman:

you are going to have the problem in your life of getting the responsibility into the people with the Planck knowledge and away from the people with the chauffeur knowledge.

The article comes with a heck of a tool for evaluating so-called strategists. Bookmark it, friends.

Do read Anna Shipman and Carl Massa on building a Platform as a Service (5min). It’s not just a snappy-sounding idea, but a bit of a game changer for multi-faceted enterprises. All the top thinkers at Digitas will be sprinkling it into their Q4 sales decks.

It’s pretty difficult to understand the future of wearables without first understanding the history of pockets (11min). Consider, for example, this bit o’ truth:

Whereas in earlier centuries the tension between wearing waist-hung tools inside or outside of one’s garments came down to safety vs. status, in the 18th and 19th centuries, women’s silhouettes became the major concern — and have remained so since.

That time we got drunk and 3D printed all that stuff because Internet/Bre Pettis/PSFK. Now we can recycle it (1min).

Our friend Kristy Tillman on the role that design and designers can play in evolving the approach to cultural and gender bias (4min) within organizations:

Rethinking the idea that diversity and inclusion should fall solely under the domain of human resources should be the first step in shifting to a product-oriented approach.

Mr. Yakob vs. the paid impression (6min):

Trust in the finance industry has been fundamentally damaged following scandal after scandal done in the name of shoring up the bottom line and getting that huge bonus. Now the same thing is happening to advertising.

Your connected device fails new mothers (4min) at your own peril, folks.

If you missed the NYT piece on Dr. Vivian Lee’s efforts to deep dive on the itemized cost structures of hospitals (6 min) (and the behaviors those costs highlight), you should absolutely go back and read it. Warning: contains gratuitous stroking of Michael Porter.

For all of the children of the world, left wondering what the streets of Los Santos, California — home of GTA 5 — would look like from below, we give you this video.

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