A practical framework for building (and leading) a customer-centered organization

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In the Spring of 2015, we set out to gain a better understanding of the role of customer experience in the modern organization — an understanding free from rhetoric and focused on everyday operational mechanics. How do organizations give shape to (and use) their customer profiles and personas? How do they plot the journeys of their customers in a world in which their experience lives increasingly outside of the brands’ control? Who is accountable for the quality of an organization’s customer experience — and how is it measured?

What we found was the modern enterprise in distress: customer archetypes misaligned, artifacts buried on servers, measures and accountability pushed out to functional teams.

Hearts, then Charts represents a practical framework for bringing the organization and customer back into alignment. It was designed for leaders committed to developing a robust, customer-centered culture, with an emphasis on the value of outcomes over the fidelity of outputs.