New Balance
Always in Beta launch

How do you take a bold new rebranding effort designed for traditional platforms and translate it to the digital space?

For Almighty, this meant collaborating closely with New Balance and Arnold Worldwide to create a consistent look and feel that could be applied to NB’s digital properties, rethinking the structure of the site itself, and then creating several experiences that reinforced the new brand messaging.

The Always In Beta platform centers around a commitment to relentless improvement: to never being a finished product. While the slickly produced TV spot gave a nod to that overarching message, the digital campaign had to tell a more robust story. This was the challenge that was presented to Almighty.

The first thing we did was create an Always In Beta digital style guide – visual, user experience and tone of voice direction that would be applied to and its digital properties. Strategically, it was decided that the voice of the new campaign should achieve a certain level of authenticity, which meant putting their sponsored athletes front and center. The renewed focus on athletes sparked the development of digital content that reinforced the new brand mindset. We worked with New Balance’s development team to bring to life an ambitious parallax experience that told athlete and product stories through the lens of Beta. Some of this content, which we concepted, designed and produced, included:

  • a virtual race that let users “compete” against three elite NB runners
  • a comprehensive look at NB shoe innovation from 1938 to the present, and a look at what the future of footwear holds
  • interactive experiences promoting the launches of products like Vazee and the 4040v3 baseball cleats
  • stories and experiences focusing on world-class athletes like Jenny Simpson, Milos Raonic, Jose Bautista, Emma Coburn and Sebastian Kienle
  • global assets to allow markets around the world to execute the campaign strategy

On the heels of all this, we helped NB draft a content plan that focused on NB’s athletes, their accomplishments, and timely news items, among other things. We then built a central hub to house the rotating content, which consisted of a landing page (filterable by Sport), a modular design system for storytelling using an easily authored CMS, and dedicated space for athlete profiles.

The result was a complete refresh and restructuring of New Balance’s homepage – with a new stacked format that allowed for more content to be seen quickly – interactive experiences that reinforced a unified and cohesive brand direction, and loads of new content across multiple touchpoints.