Flexsteel Industries
Brand experience

For over a century, Flexsteel has quietly manufactured furniture for distribution throughout the country. As the company sought to reinvent its digital strategy and experience, the brand identity needed to reflect the same elegance, craftsmanship and promise that is intrinsic to its products.

During the research process for the digital redesign, Flexsteel and Almighty saw an opportunity to introduce Flexsteel to consumer groups that extended beyond the core commercial customers. Unifying it’s lines of businesses and appealing to end users meant cultivating a fresh and inviting tone for newcomers to the brand, while simultaneously reinforcing Flexsteel’s history and expertise as an established leader with a broad range of capabilities.

The brand’s new look and feel perfectly complemented its modern, responsive digital experience while delivering on concrete business objectives. The new design resonates with a new generation of customers, existing Flexsteel customers have lauded the brand’s evolution, and Flexsteel’s own employees have been reinvigorated by the authentic vision of what their company stands for.