Flexsteel Industries

How do you step out of your comfort zone and think like a best-in-class retailer to provide a great digital experience to end customers?

For Flexsteel, a 125-year-old furniture manufacturer with multiple lines of business and numerous channel partners, this meant examining every area of their organization, talking to customers, and uniting around a few key experience principles inspired by design research. While Flexsteel’s business model does not involve direct-to-consumer sales for the majority of its business lines, Flexsteel saw the opportunity to intercept end customers at any point during the long consideration process for furniture purchases, then deliver an experience to allow a customer to dream, fall in love, and then connect with the appropriate sales channel.

Their existing Web presence was split across 3 different sites and housed on a homegrown, outdated CMS that did not allow the internal team to control the online presentation as the products deserved. Almighty partnered with Flexsteel to re-architect one site from the ground up, bringing the lines of business together into a true branded house. We developed new product taxonomy and a new CMS, and we validated user experience design decisions throughout the process through competitive research and component testing with users. We also infused the new branding and tone and voice throughout the site, setting the stage for future content development efforts.

The Flexsteel site redesign launched in June 2015 and marks the first step in a multi-year evolution for the brand across numerous digital channels. Enhanced analytics capabilities will allow us to measure and learn in order to continue optimizing the site and related touch points.