Dealership experience

How do you build an experience that makes an aftermarket product more than an afterthought?

For Lojack, this meant creating demand for a vehicle recovery system that the customer never sees through dealership networks they don’t control. Our observation of the dealership experience revealed extensive downtime and waiting in the car-buying process — idle time customers spent absorbed in their phones and whatever printed materials were laying about.

With participation from several high volume California auto dealerships, we prototyped and installed a series of lobby experiences designed to fill this void and bring the benefits of vehicle recovery into sharp relief. By incorporating client-provided recovery stories and hyperlocal theft and recovery data, we were able to focus the content within each dealership to the local community and measure the the capacity of this content to drive sell-through.

The interaction data — both for the mobile and installed-screen experiences for each dealership — lent enormous insight into the kinds of content that best tied to sales, and gave shape to subsequent dealership experiences that Lojack is currently bringing to its highest volume dealership partners.