Mission to Mars prototype

How do you build a useful prototype that can drive learning and inform future investment?

For NASA and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, this meant bringing science curriculum into a digital platform that students would be excited to use. By developing an app-like experience inside a web browser, we delivered a low-fidelity product that the MSI team could test, evaluate, update and measure using the tools with which they were already familiar, prior to investing in a full-blown native application.

Almighty designed a web-based application around the museum’s science-in-the-classroom curriculum, enabling administrators to monitor students’ success in completing a series of tasks and modify the content accordingly. Working from a physical board-game adaptation of the lesson plans developed by the Museum of Science and Industry team enabled us to develop an experience that used many of the same mechanics that had proven successful in the past.

Together we delivered a fully-measurable, testable prototype that the MSI team was able to use to secure an ongoing investment in a native application supporting the Mission to Mars program.