NEMO Equipment
Sleeping Bag pilot

How do you transfer hard-earned brand equity to the launch of a premium product line?

For NEMO Equipment, that meant convincing REI that the equity it had created as a designer and manufacturer of premium climbing and camping tents could carry over into a new line of sleeping bags. We saw evidence of a user community that was deeply aware of the design decisions that went into every facet of NEMO products and engaged in a near-constant dialogue on social platforms with NEMO’s product team.

To take advantage of that equity, we worked to develop a site through which NEMOs’ most-enthusiastic customers could pre-order a limited run of sleeping bags, and in which the product descriptions and stories would be comprised of a two-way, ongoing dialogue — questions about design decisions down to the last detail answered in public by the designers who made them. NEMO product and design teams happily obliged, sharing even the most minute product features and photography with the community via the site.

The entire run of premium sleeping bags sold out in a matter of weeks, making a clear case to REI and other key retailers that an appetite for NEMO products existed within the market. Today, the line is thriving, with more than 20 NEMO sleep system products in the marketplace.