New Balance
Digital sales toolkit

How do you use digital brand content to power a global sales team?

For New Balance, this meant building connected tablet experiences for their sales force that delivered great content and tools designed to aid and measure sales. Ride alongs on sales calls revealed a sales process that was anything but linear, and necessitated the capacity to customize the pitch on-the-fly.

Almighty developed a series of cross-category, tablet-based applications that allowed the New Balance salesforce to jump quickly between product, marketing and sales information for new product releases, and enabled the organization to quickly distribute updates and assess the effectiveness of the tools and content. We were aided in this development by unique access to the New Balance sales teams and process, which delivered insights that shaped both the design of the interface and the underlying structure of the platform.

The sales tools have achieved a level of success that merited an investment in a broad platform for the development, management and reporting of these tools across all products in 2015.