New Balance
Girls Night Out

How do you combine meeting an unmet customer need with achieving a high-level brand goal?

For New Balance, that meant creating an integrated program that engaged women across different channels: digital, retail and events. Operating off insights gleaned from research and user testing, we saw an appetite for removing the obstacles to a healthy lifestyle and pay off the excitement of social workouts.

This idea led us to develop a digital tool called Girls Night Out: MeetUp that accomplished two things: 1) connected users with similar fitness and location profiles so they could easily meet and work out together if desired, and 2) drove attendance to real-world fitness events in Boston, Chicago and New York. The well-attended events were hosted at New Balance retail stores and partner venues, and included experiences like ‘fun runs’, special workouts and discussions hosted by fitness celebrities – all of which served to generate excitement for our digital tool and the program overall.

The result was an integrated program that generated almost 40,000 unique site visits, thousands of member and event registrations, and a fresh new audience that New Balance hadn’t connected with previously.