New Balance

How do you build a globally-relevant digital experience around a product launch?

For New Balance, this meant creating compelling content that showcased their new premium running shoes – Fresh Foam Zante and Fresh Foam Boracay – while elevating the brand itself through a broader global story. New Balance already enjoyed a strong international following — our role was simply to give runners a platform through which to share their passion.

To us, a big part of the new product’s appeal would be seeing it in action using real runners, both at recreational and competitive levels. New Balance helped us identify 22 runners around the world to which we sent a pair of Fresh Foam shoes, a GoPro and detailed instructions. Then we asked each of them to take us for a ride. From the footage they shot, journal entries and Skype interviews, we dove deep into their running lives, then pieced together feature stories from distant corners of the globe, including Helsinki, San Diego, Cape Town, Sao Paulo and many more. Congruently, we leveraged social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to activate the #SeeMyRun hashtag, allowing other runners around the world to get involved.

The result was a fully responsive celebration of running that pulled in content from 7 continents, (yes, including Antarctica) 18 countries, 85 cities, 250+ runners, all of which served as inspiration for future New Balance projects and development efforts.