New Balance redesign

How do you build an ecommerce ecosystem in which brand content can fuel sales?

For New Balance, this meant designing a new experience on top of their Demandware ecommerce platform in which users didn’t need to choose between content and commerce, but rather use one to enable the other. We saw a brand content universe that was growing more fragmented, less consolidated — some looking to purchase, some to learn, and some to do both.

Almighty developed a modular framework for the design and development of that served both content-rich products, and degraded gracefully for lower-priority products for whichless content existed. This skeleton served as the foundation for a full relaunch executed jointly with New Balance’s in-house ecommerce team. We worked hand-in-hand with New Balance design and development teams to develop a system in which there was little distinction between commerce-focused pages and brand-focused pages. At times, rich storytelling could take place on a templatized product page and at others, content-heavy pages had clear pathways back into the sales channel. Across the site, content was surfaced in multiple forms, each designed to cater to the needs of users at different stages of the shopping process.