New Balance
RunDisney virtual queue

How do you use technology to remove friction from the pop-up sales experience?

For New Balance, this meant making it easier to buy limited edition product on-site at RunDisney race events. We observed first hand the frustration caused by long lines and wait times throughout the RunDisney experience, and recognized an opportunity to create appointment shopping at the New Balance booth, akin to the FastPass™ program inside Disney Parks.

Together, we developed the Virtual Queue — a program that allowed people waiting in line at the RunDisney expo to secure a window within which they could easily shop for limited (and coveted) New Balance Disney products. The entire program was designed to work natively through SMS, as mobile devices are the one constant in the environment. The result was an experience delivered by New Balance that was on-par with those delivered on-site by Disney — a partnership that elevated the RunDisney guest experience.

Today, the system is managed entirely by the New Balance running activation team across nearly a dozen annual events. The most recent RunDisney events have seen the entire queue fill in record times, with several thousand registrations in under ten minutes. Opt-in rates to ongoing New Balance communications exceed 20%, and the adoption of the program continues to grow.