Revision Military
Brand strategy and storytelling

How do you re-orient a manufacturing organization around a user-driven technology story?

For Revision — a premium supplier of soldier protection systems to the global military marketplace — it meant building a richer understanding of their customers, and a plan for reaching each of them digitally. In a global military marketplace that demands custom, precision-spec products, we saw an opportunity to communicate not just Revision’s quality story, but the way in which they develop fully-custom solutions.

We developed a series of case studies and product stories that brought to life the design and manufacturing decisions behind some of Revision’s most tech-forward and iconic products, revealing both the people and process that enable top-tier, custom military spec product. Unfettered access to the Revision design, process engineering and sales teams gave us a unique — if scientifically daunting — view into the process by which these teams iteratively develop military spec products, and the capacity to use their own words to tell the Revision technology story.

Today, Revision has expanded its design and manufacturing lines, and continued to enter new markets in soldier systems like battlefield power, armor and head protection. As they do, Almighty continues to work with them to develop new stories and storytelling devices that reinforce the brands’ technology story.