Super Bowl 50 fan experience

Beginning in 1947 as a humble street cart selling sports memorabilia, ’47 is rapidly becoming a global premium sports brand. For the NFL Expo at Super Bowl 50, ’47 needed an exciting and memorable presence to rise above the noise.
By tapping into the passion of sports fans Almighty created an interactive experience fueled by emotion. The Fan Booth is an immersive simulation that places fans in the stands during the final play of Super Bowl 50. An innovative combination of technology and design allows fans to listen and react to a realistic play-by-play broadcast while their volume decibel levels are tracked and visualized on a digital scoreboard. The play adapts as levels rise and fall so that winning or losing depends on the strength of the fan’s lungs and enthusiasm.
With multiple possible outcomes and highly share-able social extensions, the ’47 Fan Booth entertained thousands of visitors from across the nation, building on the excitement around Super Bowl 50 while serving as a powerful reminder of why we cheer.