NODE experience

How do you create an experience that keeps people connected before, during and after an event?

For TEDxCambridge, this meant a digital installation that would continue the conversations begun on-stage into everyday life. Research with past attendees revealed an audience that was deeply interconnected along lines that transcended profession or locale, and suggested that by revealing these hidden connections we could help drive new conversations.

Almighty developed NODE — a visual representation of the connections between event attendees. NODE compiled data from the social web to map relationships along common interests, educational background, work history and network behavior. TEDxCambridge connections were brought to life in both passive (an audience-encompassing standalone projection) and participatory (user-activated individual) experiences that allowed TEDx attendees to see the breadth of the attendees and identify those to whom they were most strongly connected. The TEDxCambridge team worked to integrate social sign-on and interest-based questions into the event registration form, delivering even richer data to the program. After the events, each attendee received custom emails prompting them to connect offline with five of their closest matches, along with the means to do so easily.

NODE was launched to broad acclaim at two TEDxCambridge events in 2014, and will be rolled out at two more events in 2015, updated to take advantage of IBM’s Watson API to mine even deeper connections.

“NODE surpassed our expectations and helped foster meaningful conversation during the event and real-world connections afterwards. It also served as a visually stimulating and complementary design element of the event production.”
Dmitri Gunn, TEDxCambridge Executive Director