Wealth Management Systems
Rollover Central

How do you remove the friction from a complex, self-service digital transaction?

For Wealth Management Systems, it meant the re-architecting and design of the Rollover Central experience to improve the rate at which customers could complete their own 401k rollovers without expensive phone support. We observed that the key driver of self-service in the rollover process was not life stage, as had been previously believed, but rather financial acumen. By appealing to different levels of confidence in financial decision-making, we believed we could deliver information in ways that improved every user’s experience.

We designed a site that suited multiple levels of financial confidence — enabling cautious users to be nudged forward by in-line content, or to save sessions mid-process. For more sophisticated users, we enabled a less painful path forward. A Wealth Management Systems partnership with Kiplingers gave us plenty of content that could be strategically delivered at key friction points within the rollover process – delivering much-needed peace-of-mind to uncertain users.

The redesigned experience delivered a ‘significantly higher’ conversion rate — WMSI is privately held and does not disclose performance of the Rollover Central platform — and an infinitely more usable application to deliver to white-labeled and corporate partners.