In 2016, we established Almighty (X) to help clients build strong, sustainable practices around dynamic personalization and optimization through technology, data, and automation.
The group was founded on a handful of key principles:

Paid media must be managed within the context of the broader customer experience.

Almighty is in the business of ongoing experience optimization for our clients, and Almighty (X) exists to marry customer insights to a customized mix of media, technology, in-house capabilities, agency partners and data platforms – all aligned to that optimization.


Clients must own their technology and data.

We want our clients to own their data and subsequent platforms used to house, aggregate, analyze, and visualize reporting and focus our efforts around generating insights that can be applied to achieving real business results. This empowers our clients to build a streamlined ecosystem that exists independent of agency, publisher, or data reselling relationships allowing better integration across the organization from CRM and mobile to ecommerce and marketing. We also work rigorously to provide a safe zone for client & publisher partners’ 1st party data to ensuring privacy compliance.


We must add value for what we offer, in the most transparent way possible.

We are in the business of strategic consulting and advising our clients on how to use technology and data to reach their business goals. We create value not from simply managing client media spend because media is just one piece in the puzzle. We create value from services ranging from supporting in-house teams and advanced data management to full-scale brand reputation and customer experience management.


Automate everywhere we possibly can.

Automation is critical to delivering successful customer experiences making sense of the data fast enough to optimize the right email, creative, ad placement, social post, etc. In a consulting capacity, we collaborate with best-in-class partners with strong self-service platforms. In execution, we focus on partners with strong managed services. Across both, we partner with our client’s in-house teams to augment their needs and alleviate pain points. Every client engagement begins with an assessment of the right partners and the mix of services required to achieve shared objectives.

Almighty (X) is led by Almighty CIO Rob Griffin,
former EVP of Media Futures & Innovation at Havas.

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